Our Beloved Community

We are fortunate to be challenged, enriched, and guided by a deeply committed community of stakeholders. Educators, families, Service Heroes, Alumni, civic leaders, nonprofit partners, and investors provide wisdom, invest resources, expand capacity, and increase program excellence. 

This extraordinary stakeholder community allows us to be bold in our aspirations and transformational in our efforts. 

We are most grateful.

Project 351 gives me a profound sense of relief that, in this world that is often portrayed in chaos, cynicism, and division, we have these wonderful, thoughtful, kind young people eager to give back and make a difference. They give me hope for the future. I’m always honored and proud to serve with Project 351.
— Kathy Sheehan, Educator Advisory Group

Investment Partners

Project 351 is funded entirely by generous corporations, foundations, and individuals who share our values and vision for community-first youth leadership. Their annual investment and mentorship increase our organizational excellence, strengthens capacity, and guides longterm strategy. 


Leaders of our Community



We are deeply appreciative of a statewide community of educators whose devotion to their students and belief in the potential of every young person inspires our greatest efforts. The Educator Advisory Group, chaired by Mary Cringan of Fitchburg, provides essential guidance, expertise, and engaged leadership of our events, service, and curriculum development.



A vast statewide community of volunteers provides fuel for our mission and make all things possible. At the helm is the all-volunteer, best-in-galaxy Leadership Team. These extraordinary service leaders and passionate champions of Ambassadors invest expertise from every sector to plan and execute Launch, Reunion, and three statewide service campaigns. 



Service is the common ground for diverse sectors and populations to unite in purposeful action. Project 351 owes a profound debt of gratitude for the engaged leadership of Governor Deval Patrick and Governor Charlie Baker. Launched as a one-day event for Governor Patrick’s second inaugural, Project 351 has greatly benefited from the stewardship of both Governors Patrick and Baker; and have been enriched by serving with Diane Patrick and Lauren Baker. Project 351 is not a state program, nor does it receive state funding. But, the value of each Governor’s engagement and encouragement is without measure. We are fortunate that bipartisan support extends across the state and includes municipal officials and state legislators. Their engaged leadership in support of hometown Ambassadors, the ethic of service, and the voice of young people is invaluable and greatly appreciated.



We are grateful for our network of nonprofit partners who enrich and inspire us with their belief in building a movement of transformational youth service. We are honored to serve in support of their critical missions. Together, we give back, lift up, and move forward with hope.