My hope is that Project 351 Alumni become part of every aspect of society and that one day, the Mayor, the Governor, and the President of the United States are all Alumni of Project 351.
— Michael Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of City Year

A Lifetime of Service

Project 351 is a youth-led change movement that puts courage, compassion, and community first. Every day, and in all ways, we encourage this rising generation to embrace service to cause greater than self as a defining value.

At the close of each program year, Ambassadors are invited to join the Alumni community, which supports and encourages their leadership development in high school and beyond.

Alumni are a driving force of our organization. High school Alumni serve as mentors, team leaders, regional coaches, and role models for Ambassadors. College Alumni strengthen our mission as interns, project managers, and members of the Leadership Team and Advisory Board.

In return, we invest in their enrichment and training; provide platforms for service leadership; create regional and statewide opportunities for friendship, mentorship, and civic engagement; and lead forums with Service Heroes, civic leaders, and corporate citizens that challenge and encourage Alumni leadership. Alumni lead Spring, 9.11 Tribute, and Fall Service; and join Ambassadors for Leadership Reunion.


Leadership of service campaigns

Alumni provide a renewable resource of inspiration and pride as they chart their own path as social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and movement makers. 

alumni leadership council

At the end of each year, Ambassadors and Alumni are invited to apply to the Alumni Leadership Council (ALC), a select group of Project 351 Alumni that serve as team leaders and mentors for the incoming class of Ambassadors.


myra h. kraft giving back scholarship

Throughout the year, Project 351 highlights leadership and scholarship opportunities that can advance our Alumni’s goals in academics and community. Project 351’s highest award is the Myra H. Kraft Giving Back Scholarship, a $20,000 investment of the Kraft family in the education of an exemplary Project 351 senior.

Mrs. Kraft lived a life of service, grace, and generosity. Her example inspires us to lead with integrity and to act with kindness and compassion. This Scholarship celebrates the extraordinary impact that one person can make in his/her community and our world, and honors their inspiring potential to be a catalyst for transforming lives and lifting communities. We extend enduring gratitude to the Kraft family for their investment of faith and belief.