Alumni Leadership Council


Leading the next generation

The Alumni Leadership Council is a tribute to the contributions of the 3,001 leaders who have worn the Ambassador navy tee since 2011.  Young people who have consistently demonstrated an extraordinary ability to lead, inspire, and transform. Over the last eight years, this community has impacted more than 600,000 neighbors through service, while flourishing as change agents, student leaders, and social entrepreneurs in their community and our Commonwealth.

The ALC elevates diverse young leaders who represent Project 351’s core values and invests in their skills and potential as community builders.  Alumni engagement and a series of enriching Leadership Summits strengthen participants’ courage, confidence, and commitment to inclusion, civic responsibility, and social justice.

The vision for the ALC is informed by the priorities and aspirations of our high school Alumni. Members are selected, through competitive statewide application, for exemplifying Project 351 values, the highest standards of service, and individual initiative to engage peers to make a difference in their community.

This diverse team leads and informs all aspects of our mission. Members advise strategy and program development, lead cornerstone programming, and serve as role models and mentors for Ambassadors. There are three leadership platforms within the ALC -- each designated for a unique responsibility and reflective of distinct skills and experience.

  • Senior Leadership Corps (SLC) ~ capacity building and strategy development

  • Alumni Mentoring Corps (AMC) ~ mentorship and stewardship of the Ambassador Journey for a Service Hero team

  • Regional Unity Corps (RUC) ~ regionally based service and engagement opportunities for the broader Alumni community to build unity and create positive change.

These teams collaborate to extend the reach and impact of service; strengthen community and bonds of unity; and progress the vision and values of Project 351.

The ALC reflects Project 351’s commitment to inspire and enable Alumni leadership through high school and beyond. And, our unwavering faith in the essential role of Alumni as partners to build a powerful, world-changing movement of youth service. 


Senior Leadership Corps (high school seniors) 

With four years of invaluable Project 351 experience, the SLC serves as a board of trusted advisors to staff, Board, and fellow ALC members. SLC members lead capacity building projects, support strategic imperatives, and serve as mentors/coaches to their AMC and RUC peers.


Alumni Mentoring Corps (high school juniors and sophomores) 

AMC members serve as a team leader for a Service Hero team of 8-10 Ambassadors. Members provide critical support, encouragement, and guidance throughout the Ambassadors’ 12-month leadership journey.  And, honor the values and example of their Service Hero through team unity and inspirational service. The AMC is a community of role models, who play an instrumental role at Launch and Reunion and as near-peer mentor for the Ambassadors' annual term.


Regional Unity Corps (high school freshman, sophomores, and juniors)

The RUC is a team-based model in 15 regions across the state.  Members partner to extend the reach and impact of service through the engagement of local Ambassadors and Alumni. The RUC builds regionally-based unity and leadership, cultivates broader youth service engagement, and contributes vital insight and innovation to strengthen our program model.


I serve because service matters. The world is in constant need of kindness, compassion, and love. Through service and working to help others live the best lives possible, I help to create a beloved community. I think now more than ever using love, kindness, and compassion when fighting for what we believe in is incredibly important. By showing the nation that service is one of the best ways to create change, we can help others work in a more loving way.
— Brooke Milosh, Alumni Leadership Council, North Attleboro